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Germans, largely, are always exceptionally well groomed. Germans have bottomless basements. Church bells are exempt from all Quiet Times. This is because Germans start drinking young.

And there is no end to the various pig likenesses that can be crafted from marzipan.

Germans like buying drinks in six packs of 1. Generally speaking, Germans simply love celebrating. The whole country quivers with excitement every New Years Eve when they sit down and watch Dinner for One.

They work hard and effectively, despite working some of the shortest hours in the western world. They are very good bike riders — nay, they are exceptional bike riders.

They also seem to enjoy mixing drinks.

Mo Na Berg or Le Na. Germans are not afraid to whip out the smoke machine on the dance floor. Germans are inordinately proud of their states, districts, district-free cities, city states, regions, sub-regions, dialects, entirely different vocabularies, sub-cultures, traditions, festivals and basically being really different from the ten-house village that is 5km away because that ten-house village is in an entirely different region and therefore nothing like this village.

Germans are generally very open and relaxed about most things sex related.

As per Point 99 — Germans Cannot Queue — they are terrible pusher-innerers. It is always too hot, too cold, too windy, too warm, too humid, too snowy or too rainy.

Germans have this thing with online privacy. Take, for example, what happens in a supermarket when another check out line opens. In some parts, an unspoken evening Quiet Time is enforced, via disapproval or neighbourly note leaving.

Then it went viral again, in Indeed, Germans enjoy walking in general, particularly after a meal, or indeed on a quiet Sunday afternoon in pairs, wearing matching Jack Wolfskins. They like drinking yoghurt.Hi Dear Soy Lin Happy Christmas!

What I Know About Germans

Hope it was fabulous & white. I love this article. I have 2 german bosses in my role in Singapore (of all people!) i. iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer.

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Sayhi chat love meet dating
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